Monday, 11 May 2009

The First Meeting with Tina

With this meeting in was more of a crash course in design and colours that would work when performing a promenade performance. The first thing that Tina tackled was colours. We had planned to give the audience members sashes that would symbolise which tribe they would belong to, so Tina explained which colours are effective when fighting against the greens of the grass and woods. Her way of explaining was to show the group what she meant so as Tina looked around see finds some athletes on the running track four of which are wearing dark browns, blacks and grey, the last athlete was wearing a pink t-shirt which drew your eyes to it immediately. These meant that the focus of the majority would do the same and so the character that we want to stand out, we would have to make sure the colours are correct same with if we want a character to blend into the background like a Tree Trickster. Moving on from colours Tina wanted to talk about fabrics and how they can be used to our advantage. We needed to use a mass amount of fabric which if we picked the wrong one we would have to hem the edges so all the fabric we get didn’t want to fray at the edges. This proved a genius idea when we changed our minds about the sashes the audience would wear. This changed to poncho’s thus creating the group the work load of making two hundred and fifty ponchos’.
Once Tina had finished she wanted to know what we had done so far from our theme to how we had decided to manage the project. We discussed what we thought epic was and how we could use this theme in our design ideas. The main theme that ran through our ideas was size. How big can we get everything? From this Tina raised the issues that were involved with constructing designs that big for example making sure that it would work from paper to reality, finding materials big and safe enough, especially as we were doing a show for two hundred children. After we had examined all possibilities that could go wrong Tina talked about the impact that if the ideas do work then it will leave a lasting impression in the audiences mind. Taking all this on board we set our sights to the future of our designs and set to work doing all the research required and making models.

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