Monday, 11 May 2009

Build and Construction Weekend

This weekend we had the whole cast helping the design team to put together, what would turn out to be a very successful weekend, the Sphinx, Kenneth the Sad Caterpillar and the remaining costumes and props. Th design team had spent some time planning the weekend so that everyone had something to do throughtout the whole day. We also sheduled lunch and when they were able to have a break. This was so we had a clear structure to the day.
We also needed to make a list of what was still left to do so that we could allocate people into what skills they had. We needed three people to work along side Carolina and Emma making, and sewing costumes as there is little space in Tina's cabin so having too many people in there just wouldn't work. Everyone else was put in the SU Hall where we were painting and making things waterproof. There was still a little paper mache to be done on the Spinx's face.
So with a timetable layed out and people allocated to their positions we began to race through the list and by four o'clock most of it was done. When had shedulade to finish at six then start again the next day, but we had finished at five and had everything done that was needed to be done over the whole weekend.
Now that we had done everything in one dy this left a free day from the directors to have an unexpected all day, all cast rehearsal which was needed because the story was changed for the better and we had to start finishing scenes so that we could have a full run by friday 15th July.

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