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Workshop for Alexander Primary School 10th March 2009

Workshop 10th March 2009 Alexandra Primary School

Attending: Dan Williams, Mathew Stenning and Amir Alizadeh

Main Aim: Help the pupils grow in confidence so they will have the confidence to put their hands up in class.

Warm-up 9:05am

‘Simon Says...’

With this game instead of using ‘Simon’ to lead the game, use you own name, in this case ‘Mr Williams Says ...’
I also decided to keep the instructions simple because this was the first workshop with the pupils who needed help with their confidence, e.g. Stand on one leg, pat your tummy, etc.

‘Wink Murder’

To choose a murderer, get the whole class to close their eyes while you chose a murderer by touching someone on their shoulder. Then get them to look around the circle at everyone, this will help they get re-orientated after having their eyes closed.
Get them to move slowly around the space making sure that the whole space is being used. If they get killed by the murderer, they have to die dramatically but if you felt that the pupil was holding back and you think they could do better, give them loads of encouragement and they will usual give it their all. Obviously don’t push too hard for them to do better because it might upset them and you would have to work really hard to gain their trust again.
Extension – try adding in a second murderer.

‘1, 2, 3’

Pair the group up and get them to say a number after each other.
E.g. Dan and Amir stand facing each other. Dan starts by saying ‘1’, Amir says ‘2’ then Dan says ‘3’. Continue and repeat.
Pick out pairs once everyone has had a go to show off their skills.

Workshop 9:30am

Now that we are all warmed up split we into 4 groups of 5-6 pupils. Within the groups we had to work with a lesson plan that was provided. We had to let the pupils to explain how to use a mobile phone to their grandma. Thinking of the benefits for a grandma to have a mobile, how to use it and also safe usage of a mobile. From this discussion we had to create a poster using all the information that they had come up with.
Continually encourage them in what they are doing.

Break 10:20am

Fruit and Milk 10:30am

Show off posters to the rest of the class.

Quick Warm-up 10:40am

‘Fruit Picking’

You have apples in the trees (up high), peaches in the bushes (waist level) and strawberries on the floor (down low).
Tell the pupils which one they have to pick and get them to move in every direction to stretch e.g. pick apples and the pupils have to reach up high to pick them off the tree, etc

Workshop – continued 10:45am

Using the mobile phone and grandma theme we separated back into our groups to work on 3 still images using a situation that involved a grandma and a mobile phone. Grandma falling and hurting herself and needing help so she uses the mobile phone to get help could be a good place to start.
Extension – try adding words and movements to give the still images life and explain that this could be a way of developing the images into a 2 minute acting piece. This could be done through thought tracking, role play or thought tunnel.
At the school they have child-friendly camcorders called ‘digi blue’ which can take videos and photos. This helped the pupils see the images better.
Show the images to the rest of the class

Finish 11:50am

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