Friday, 27 March 2009

Responce to the workshop with Alexander Primary on the 10th March 2009

I found the workshop that I did with Alexander Primary on the 10th March 2009 was very rewarding. The main aim for the workshop was to take a group of pupils that were lacking in confidence and would not put their hands up if they didn’t understand.
I was working with a group of five pupils one of which is Polish. This pupil didn’t understand English very well and felt very shy to contribute even in this small group. Luckily I was in a group of five so when we paired off I wanted to work with him.

This gave me a chance to talk to him and try my best to encourage him to talk and have input into the making a poster. I even told him about when I travelled in Poland so we had some mutual ground. We then sat and we designed the poster.
What made this workshop worthwhile was at the end of the workshop we asked the cast for feedback and after a few pupils putting their hands up the Polish pupil put his hand up and gave feedback.

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